Idea and vision

Innovation Application Center

Planck Innovation Center provides the simple but creative environment for office and entertainment.

Natural simplicity and harmony are the theme of the design for the center. Inspiration and passion are the elements rising up in the center. When you walk inside, you will have a brand new experience to the future automatic industrial applications. 

Smart industrial experiment hall

All industrial production can’t avoid the attacks of the Big Data in this new era. By Big Data we can improve microscopic production, improve the user’s operation experience, and as a result realize the desire.

The ways of Industrial production is quietly undergoing changes. Some of them have been sensed and found, while some of them are still completely unaware.

Today, does industrial production still rely on traditional manual intervention and management? Is it still manual operation? Is the production operations manager the only person to concern about the problems? What is the main thing that the production process absolutely can’t go through without it?

Planck intelligent experience hall presents to you what is happening around you.


In the late 80s, the famous foreign brand daily chemicals giants shining in China markets.

In the early 90s, the Planck founder group started business in daily chemicals field, offered start-up production business support for the first generation of the Chinese entrepreneurs. 

In the late 90s, the Chinese national brands dramatically appeared;

In the early 21 century, Planck founder group entered OEM, pharmaceuticals and beverage field, first introduced international standard for daily chemical production and the requirements for pharmaceuticals production. That’s the birth of Planck. 

We are the first to introduce the frame type scraper stirring structure, which lets the materials be mixed thoroughly. 

We are the first to apply the outer loop homogeneous structure, which improves the powder and liquid control engineering into a new level. 

We are the first to introduce pharmaceutical grade water system, which upgrades the quality of the basic materials and half products of daily chemicals to a great extent. 

We are the first to apply an automatic joint control system, which manages on-line the piping, flowing and machines. As a result, the quantity of the production output was increased substantially while the situation of wrong feeding, left materials, pollution was reduced to the minimum. 

Till Today, we keep going on the way of innovation for more scientific control engineering for fluids and powders production; for a more rational production layout; and a more competitive internal production optimization.

Wisdom Tree

Planck wisdom tree, full of the fruits of passion and ambition, also the desire of exploration. With years of diligent pursuit and innovation, we are growing up under this tree, and will witness the miracles brought by the Chinese intelligent Industry, also the big surprise brought to the industrial production and people’s daily life.